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If your water heater is preventing you from taking a hot shower, give us a call immediately. Hot water is a necessity you should not have to live without. Whether you're in need of water heater repair service or you need to replace your existing unit, we have connections for repair of most major brands and we offer installation of top quality A.O. Smith water heaters at very affordable prices.

Not getting hot water through your faucets?

•  Sales and installation

•  Maintenance and repairs

•  Thermostat controls

•  Burner assemblies

•  Burner cleaning

Water heater

services offered:

How many times have you looked for same-day plumbing services but just couldn't find anyone to come out? Get the professional service you need when you need it. Roger J Schwab Plumbing offers you same-day plumbing services that include tub leaks, general plumbing repairs, and much more. Our company is licensed and insured for your safety, and we'll always be there for you whenever you call.

Need same day plumbing service?

A new water heater can save on energy and keep money your pockets

Installation of the optimal unit for your house will save your money and energy in the long run, and our plumbers have the knowledge and experience it takes to guide you through that decision. Talk with our experts today – we’ll be happy to help you determine what water heater will be best for your home and personal needs.

Make cold showers a thing of the past with our quality water heater installations!

Keep your water heaters running efficiently at all times by contacting us today!